Day Trip Package to Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu

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Hey y'all!
Remember my previous post about my day trip to Bunga Raya?
Well, I'm back with loads of pictures!

12 of us went on a day trip and it was amazing!
We all met up at the Bunga Raya Office in Jesselton Point Jetty at 10am.
Our boat leaves at 10.30am.

Got this from the General Manager!

Finally get to bring my favourite bag along!

Left to Right : Matthew, Nadia, Chloe, Charlotte, Calista, Meitzeu,
Diana, Sherrie, Margaret, Eric, Tom and Vivian.

Left to Right : Charlotte, Me, Calista and Meitzeu
Finally reunited again after a while!

Crystal clear blue water

Heart shaped leaves!

Just had to take a group shot of us everytime we go out!

We went around in a buggy and it was so much fun!
So much to see around the island!
Love the villa!

This is called a Barking Gecko.
Sadly this poor fella died and just stuck itself there with only 3 legs and a dangling tail.

Tiny little Hibiscus

The villas are named after the Hibiscus species

One of the many species of the Hibiscus can grow up to a size on an Iphone!
(Handphone courtesy of Charlotte)

The Infinity Pool

They say when you get into the pool,
at a certain angle of the pool you can see that the pool and the sea are at the same level.
Like the pool is connected to the sea. How cool is that!

Nice cold Wine Cellar

We headed over to Koi Restaurant for a short visit.

I just love how they have 3 different setups for 3 rows of tables.

This is one of my favourite.
I love how they setup a mat for people who wants to learn about our local culture
of sitting on the floor while having a meal. I heard that tourists can take up
cooking classes for those who are interested in learning to cook our local dishes.
An outdoor kitchen is prepared for them to learn and cook.

The view from Koi Restaurant

Then we headed over to Pantai Grill Restaurant to meet up with Mr. Thomas Anderson
and also to have lunch together.

Mr. Thomas Anderson and his trusty chef by his side.
 Mr.Thomas Anderson is the GM of Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa and also
Gayana Eco Resort. You can read it from my previous post on Gayana Eco Resort.

I just love how creative they are with their menu.
I have never sean a menu written on a leaf before.

Mix Garden Salad

This is a handmade oven specially made for baking their pizzas!

They mentioned that if the heat and temperature is hot enough,
 it only takes 1 - 3 minutes to bake the pizzas!
That's even faster than a microwave!

Seafood Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza


Club Sandwich
(Courtesy of Chloe)

Tiger Garupa

Chicken and Beef Satay

What makes the taste better is their really hot satay sauce!

Red Snaper

 Lamb Shank

I don't really eat lamb but this one has a really special taste and sauce.
The wedges around it was nicely fried too!

Peppermint Panacota

This is definitely one dessert that you cannot miss!
I just love how it just melts in your mouth every single time you take a bite.
It goes really well with the pineapple purée and the best part is that it goes extremely well
with the dark chocolate stick!

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For visitors who have opted for the day trip package,
above is the Day Trip menu.

I love swings!
This swing is really long and huge!

How can you not fall in love with this view?

This is just how clean the water is!

After our lunch, we were brought over to one of the villas to check out the rooms.

Every villa has their very own private pool

An awesome coffee maker

I love the shower!

Jacuzzi anyone?

After all that, we were given one hour to kayak and snorkel!
One of the things that I've been waiting for all day!
Its been a while since I went to the beach and I have never tried to Kayak before.
Was really excited to try it out!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take any pictures cause' we were all too
busy getting wet in the water and kayaking. One of the dive master brought us over to
check out the famous Giant Clams and OMG it was beautiful!

Our boat arrived and it was time for us to leave.
None of us wanted to leave. It was like a dream being in Bunga Raya!

On the way back, we saw this beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu.
 Its unbelievable how beautiful it looks even from the islands!

Left to Right : Me, Vivian, Matthew, Chloe, Charlotte, Meitzeu, Eric,
Mr.Thomas Anderson, Tom, Calista, Margaret, Sherrie, Nadia and Diana.

A big thank you to Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa for organising this day trip for us bloggers!
 It was an unforgettable experience being able to see so many new things and also a chance to
see the Giant Clams. Never did I know that there were so many species of the Bunga Raya.

You can check out Bunga Raya Island Resort page here!
Do check out Gayana Eco Resort's website too!

Miss Junei Voo (Resorts Sales Manager)
Mobile : +6013 851 6330
Tel: +6088 380 390
Fax: +6088 247 390

For more pictures, click here!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu, Eric, Charlotte and Calista
and to those I've missed out)


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