Rock On 4 2013 (Rock,Chalk & Climb), Fairy Cave, Kuching (Part II)

Left to Right : Me, Roy, Gg, Vince, Din, Niisa, Ronie and Malcolm (Rock On Organiser)

(Day 4)

After a long night of sleep, feeling fresh and ready to take on the walls and rocks
for the very last time before going back to KK the next day.


Here's Din doing the Spiderman thing

Roy climbing the Pick Pocket route, grade 6C+

Funny how GG had to use Vince as a ladder cause' we don't have an actual
ladder anymore since the event ended on Day 3.

Roy broke the handholds/rock while climbing the Pick Pocket route.

Last sight of Batman Wall before leaving Bau.

One of the Japanese climbers name Mr.Soh gave us some Lemang to snack on.
It was really good but too bad some went bad already.

After climbing, we had to send GG of to the airport around 3pm so Roy brought us
somewhere really nice to buy some Kek Lapis and also to grab some lunch.

Vince and Din decided to crash for a night at Nomad B&B homestay
cause its nearer to the airport as Din has to catch an early flight back to Bintulu for work.

(Day 5)

Our last day in Kuching and a few hours before flying back to KK,
we decided to do some sight seeing around Kuching.

Vince drove while Roy guided him and we went to one of the beautiful beaches
in Kuching which is called Damai Beach Resort.

Found this really huge traditional carved Congkak

Really nice tribal carvings!

Giant Chess anyone?

Bollywood moment for the boys

Vince trying to hump climb the tree

Jump shot fail!

I really love these ombre kayaks!

It has a cute little stickman on it too!

This is our ride throughout the whole trip!

We decided to drop by the museum to check out the history of Sarawak.
Loads of stuff to see there so if you happen to be in Kuching, please visit the museum!
That's the Museum and I love the design!

Admiring my achievement in the car


So proud of myself for achieving something!
Also gave myself a few presents..

Bruises, scratches, cuts and rope burns..
Mainly bruises everywhere.

After our little visit to the museum, we decided to drive to Kuching's new shopping mall
called City One and the design of the mall looks like a giant bird nest!
Decided to grab some lunch there as well. We went to a food court and I saw a little
counter called My Sub which is quite similar to Subway.

Turkey Ham and Pepperoni Sandwich (7 inch long) (Rm11.90)
(Filled with Lettuce, Sweet Onions, Cheese, Mustard and BBQ Sauce)

Beef Burger (Rm8.90)
(Served with chips)


Right after lunch, we had to look for a car wash as the owner
of the car asked us to help clean up the car for the next person who rented the car.
We checked Waze to find out what's the closest car wash and this is where we went!

A drive-through car wash!

We only needed to wash and vacuum the car but with a drink its only Rm17 - Rm22!
That is so cheap!

We saw this really cool Ferrari park right outside the Car wash counter.
It was so short! I bet it could just go right under a boom gate!

Checked in our luggage at the airport, returned the car and boarded
in the departing hall to find out our flight has been delayed by 30 minutes.
Already missing Kuching's yummy food, clean environment and also

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